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Car insurance

Car insurance for expats in Spain

The insurance that speaks your language​

Car insurance in Spain, designed for foreigners living in our country. All the coverage and services you need at the best price. Maximum protection tailored to you.

What if, in addition to everything you expect from your insurance, it offered you much more at no extra cost? At Reale we want to make you feel special, so as well as speaking your language, you can enjoy these benefits without having to pay more for them.

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Learn about our ​star coverage

  • No-claims bonus: We respect the no-claims bonus from your country.
  • Replacement vehicle: In case of breakdown, accident or theft
  • Accessories: We cover up to €12,000 in factory accessories, without you having to declare them.
  • Valuation in the event of an accident: We value your car as new for the first 3 years and in the 4th, we apply a 30% improvement on the valuation
  • Fully Comprehensive: We provide fully comprehensive insurance for your car even if it is not new, as long as it is less than 15 years old.

Our coverage and services

An insurance tailored to your needs that adapts to any vehicle thanks to our configuration options.

Cars and drivers are all different, so we adapt to what you need with different coverage options:

  • Third Party. (T)
  • Extended Third Party. (TA)
  • Fully Comprehensive. (TR)

The protection you need to cover any material and/or personal damage you cause to a third party with your car.

This coverage is included in all our plans: Third Party, Extended Third Party and Fully Comprehensive.

  • Bodily and material damages above the legal minimum required.
  • Bail bonds.
  • Fire damage in garages.
  • Damages caused by you as a cyclist or pedestrian.

What if a third party takes you to court or you have to take someone to court? With Reale you will have both your defence and prosecution expenses covered in criminal proceedings arising from a traffic accident involving the insured vehicle.

This coverage is always included in all our plans: Third Party, Extended Third Party and Fully Comprehensive.

  • Solicitors and barristers costs

What to do if you get fined or disqualified from driving? With Reale, you will have everything you need to be able to settle any traffic sanctions and, should you be disqualified from driving, we will pay for the course you have to take before recovering your licence.

Fine management coverage is included in all our insurance plans and disqualification coverage is optional in the extended third party and comprehensive plans.

  • Expenses for managing fines
  • Course and exam to recover your licence or points.
  • Compensation for disqualification from driving.

Do you want maximum protection for your car? With our comprehensive plan, your car will always look like it just left the factory.

Our comprehensive plan covers all material damage to your vehicle: scratches, dents, etc.

  • Repair costs.
  • Replacement vehicle.
  • Costs to cover transporting the vehicle to the workshop.

What if your car catches fire and you cannot claim off anyone else’s insurance? If you take out this coverage within our Extended Third Party plan, you will not have to worry about anything.

It is also included in the Comprehensive plan. We cover any damage to your car caused by fire.

  • Damage due to fire, explosion.
  • Fire-fighter and rescue service costs.
  • Replacement vehicle (if declared a write-off).

What if your car gets stolen? We are here to help you with everything you need in this type of situation.

This coverage is always included in the Comprehensive plan and you can select it as an option in the Extended Third Party plan.

  • Compensation for the theft of your vehicle.
  • Repair of parts damaged in an attempt to steal your vehicle.
  • Replacement of stolen car parts.
  • Recovery expenses if your car is stolen.
  • Vehicle replacement until payment of compensation or recovery.

Car windows are very expensive and they are one of the elements most exposed to breakage. At Reale, we advise you to take out this coverage so that window repair or replacement is always covered.

This is always covered in the Comprehensive plan and it is an option in the Extended Third Party plan.

We are by your side on all your journeys. Our Travel Assistance coverage not only protects your vehicle, but also you as a driver, the passengers and your luggage (even if you are not travelling by car).

  • Technical assistance on the road, towing, rescue and parts shipment.
  • Professional driver should the insured driver not be able to drive.
  • Alternative means of transport in case of breakdown or accident.
  • Sending keys.
  • Transportation or repatriation of injured, sick or deceased travellers and other passengers.
  • Travel expenses for a relative if the policy holder is hospitalised.
  • Medical and health assistance including shipment of medicines.
  • Hotel expenses in case of illness.
  • Expenses due to early return.
  • Search and delivery of lost luggage and compensation for delay.
  • Telephone medical advice. ​
  • Advance of funds abroad.​

At Global Solvens, we want you to drive with the peace of mind of always being protected. That is why this guarantee comes with all our insurance plans: Third Party, Extended Third Party and Fully Comprehensive. This will protect you in the following situations:

  • Compensation in case of death.
  • Compensation in case of Permanent Disability.
  • Healthcare assistance. We cover medical, surgical, hospital and pharmaceutical expenses.
  • Accommodation and expenses for a companion if the policy holder is hospitalised.
  • Cosmetic surgery and prosthesis.
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