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Business insurance

Expat business insurance in Spain

Insurance tailored to your sector’s needs

Have you set up a business in Spain? At Reale we want to be by your side, which is why we have insurance designed for people from other countries who have come to live in Spain and have set up their own business here. Adjust the level of protection to the needs of your business by selecting the most suitable types of coverage for you.

What if, in addition to everything you expect from your insurance, it offered you much more at no extra cost? At Reale we want to make you feel special, so as well as speaking your language, you can enjoy these benefits without having to pay more for them.

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Learn about our star coverage

  • Maximum flexibility: Insurance with multiple configuration options, allowing us to offer you a specific solution tailored to your business activity
  • Emergency locksmith: What would happen if your keys got lost or stolen or the lock to your business were damaged during a break-in? At Reale we are there when you need us, ready to send an emergency locksmith who will solve your problems.
  • Emergency electrician: What would happen if you came to work and you had no electricity? We will send you an electrician to restore the power supply.
  • Security guard service: What would happen if your business suddenly became easily accessible from the outside? Call us and we will send a security guard to protect your business.

Quality commitment*

We are so sure of the quality of our service, that if we fail to comply with our commitments within the repair period, we will refund the annuity of your insurance policy:

  • Within 24 hours, a professional will contact you and visit your business.
  • Within 48 hours, we will inform you of the repair plan.
  • Within 72 hours, the designated professional will begin the repair work.

* Request telephone advice or consult one of our brokers to find out more about the details of our commitment.

We offer you specific insurance for 14 different types of business. This allows us to respond to your real needs. And if you need extra protection, you can customise your policy by selecting specific coverage. Find out more about our insurance for:

  • Offices.
  • Textiles and accessories.
  • Catering sector.
  • Furniture and decoration.
  • Inactive commercial premises.
  • Sport and leisure.
  • Etc.

We cover general civil liability, operational civil liability and employer’s civil liability, as the owner or tenant of the property.

We offer the legal assistance you may need in case of:

  • Friendly or judicial claim for personal injury, damage to the premises or the property in said premises, theft of property or money by employees or third parties unrelated to the business.
  • Criminal defence for incidents resulting from the performance of your business activity.
  • Defence of rights relating to the premises.
  • Legal assistance by telephone.

We cover any damage to both furniture and the establishment as a result of:

  • Fire, explosion or lightning.
  • Smoke.
  • Rain, wind, hail or snow.
  • Flood, including the cost of clearing and removing mud and sludge.
  • Vandalism, riots and strikes.
  • Vehicles, animals or sonic waves.
  • Spillage or leakage from automatic fire extinguishing equipment.

Our coverage for damage caused by water leaks includes:

  • Escape, blowout, breakage and/or overflow.
  • Leaks from household appliances.
  • Frost damage.
  • Failure and forgetfulness when closing taps and stopcocks.
  • Expenses of locating the fault.

We cover the damage caused to installations and electrical appliances due to a short circuit, combustion, alteration in the electric grid or lightning.

Should the premises become uninhabitable as a result of an accident, we will take care of:

  • Loss of income due to rental fees not received, when the insured party is the lessor of the business.
  • If the insured party is the tenant, we will cover the difference in cost between renting new premises and renting the affected premises.
  • Transfer of contents.

If you need extra protection, you can also tailor the protection of your business or premises through different coverage options:

  • Theft. With this coverage, you and your business will be covered against the theft of contents, spoliation and robbery to customers and employees, replacing locks and keys, damage to cash registers, etc.
  • Civil Liability (CL): This coverage can be completed with: CL for operations in the main activity. Employer’s CL, post-works products CL. CL for work outside the place where the activity is performed. CL for complementary activities. CL for food poisoning, etc.
  • Breakdown of machinery and electronic equipment.
  • Accidents involving employees.
  • Transport of goods.
  • Loss of profit.

We cover the expenses needed to restore the aesthetic harmony of the affected area, as well as for replacement, transfer and placement following accidental breakage of:

  • Glass and signs.
  • Mirrors, windows and perspex furniture.
  • Countertops, counters and fixed shelves made of marble, granite or other natural and artificial stones.​
  • Sanitary equipment.
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